I have cleaned toilets, poured beers in outback towns and cities, served meals, made beds, taken tickets at a theme park, played reception, been a bank teller, even picked award winning grapes! So many different jobs, in so many different locations. I have always worked, never having ambition or direction, just living….but now I have drive and passion, creativity and motivation, I look forward to each day filled with new ideas and fun! Wait for it! For sometimes life finds you xx I know it is cliché but – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”


Job satisfaction.

I often wonder how growing up on dairy farms has shaped the way I am now. When I was younger, I was a little bit of a princess, not the girly type that loves dresses and pink frilly things, I hated dresses and pink, still do – funny that I create them – but the type of princess that hates to get dirty and do some hard work! But my parents worked hard, and as any farmer knows that’s what you have to do. They often had to work other jobs as well as the farm, which would mean we would help out in the dairy shed, not very often. But we did, my brother and I, and we most likely complained the whole time! But I do remember the satisfaction when it was all finished, that job satisfaction you get is a good feeling. And that feeling has been with me throughout every single job I have done, and I have done some pretty shitty jobs! From scrubbing toilets to pouring beers, serving in banks to serving meals, so many jobs, all unskilled and easy to move from one to the next or hold three types of jobs at one time. But now the best is creating little dresses and my job satisfaction has turn to love, the love I feel when creating each dress makes me so happy! Life is unpredictable, but it is your attitude towards it that makes all the difference, do you have job satisfaction or has it turned to love!

Commute to work!

Donning one of my early creations today! There is just something about seersucker that I love. Enjoying my morning cuppa now then heading to work, a whole two steps from the kitchen to the dining room which is now my sewing room/computer room/pool room – it makes the best cutting table! The easiest commute to work I have ever had! My first ever job was in Melbourne, I worked for the Commonwealth Bank, straight from school at the tender age of 17! But I had to travel 1 1/2 hours each way to work, by bus then train. I was a small, skinny, shy, girl in a big city, but back then I thought I was all grown up! But the travelling was long, my best friend would complain that I was always tired. The bus went to Dandenong station, it was a scary place, especially those later Friday nights. Me in the late 80’s, starting to get my big hair on, wearing skirts and oversized men’s shirts, oh my, makes me laugh now. Well that is one moment of my life, I only worked there for a year, luckily got something closer to home. So how far do you go for work, what was the longest you have had to travel?

Happiness and your small business.

My fifteen minutes today will be about my little business and those of you who also have a little home craft business. All I wanted to say today is that as your business grows and you find yourself getting custom orders and people loving your creations that they want you to make them something the same but different, just remember to take a step back and think, is this something I really want to do, will this take me away from those creations in my mind that I really want to get out, will making this order give me joy? There is nothing worse than not enjoying your work time, you have worked hard to build your business up, you love your creations, but you don’t want them to be come a burden. I myself have made lovely items, once, to see what is was like to create them and then had people want to order them, but I could not say yes because I did not have it in my heart to make that creation again, sure I have missed out on making some money, but if it is not going to make me happy, or if it feels like a chore to do, then I will always say no. Money is not happiness, we all need to be happy, to have that passion to create, to have the joy of finishing an item and feeling proud.

A little custom order today I was very happy to say yes to!

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