Pinny Press- November 2016

Welcome to my first Pinny Press!!

I thought I would trial it through my blog, test it out….so bear with me!

First up I wish to say a huge thank you to you all that entered my 6000 liker Facebook giveaway, such a wonderful response and so glad my gorgeous pinny (pictured below) has now arrived at it’s new little owner’s home. Also thank you to the beautiful Zylee for always looking amazing in my pinnys xx If you wish to see more of Zylee and her funky style Click here.

Showcases!!! Happening this Wednesday night over at Sustainable Handmade Creations The Great Christmas Bazaar opens at 7pm AEST (Queensland time) Do not miss it!! I will be releasing my first Sweet Summer Dress for the season and a gorgeous little Christmas pinny. You will find the album here.

Wish list update….there will be no December wish list!!! As the silly season it now pretty much here, I am not adding anymore pressure on myself. So I will be continuing to create from the November wish list…there is still so much for me to do there! So please if you are still wanting to add your wish to a list, you are welcome to add to this list, but no guarantees!! My next wish list will be in January, this will be a very limited one, as it will be school holidays and my boys will sure to keep me busy! Follow my blog so you do not miss out on my next up date to when it will open!

Lastly, I am going on holidays!!!! Every Christmas I head on down to my Mum’s in Victoria, this year we will be there for Christmas. So leaving on the 20th of December and coming back on the 31st of December. How exciting. My last postage day will be the 19th of December, but for those hoping to receive parcels before Christmas, it will be  the 10th of December. So yes pinny production will cease from the 20th of December! Yippee holiday time, I do believe I will have sewing withdrawals…the crochet hook with be coming with me and I have been thinking about embroidery again…so many beautiful crafts to keep me busy!

That’s all for now, thank you so much everyone for all the support and love…now I better get back to sewing, enjoy your weekend xx

Jackie xx




Painful bond.

Oh what a delight to wake this morning to this gorgeous photo! Not only to see one of my earlier pinnys but to see this precious one. Her eldest brother and my Samuel shared rooms while going through treatment at the RCH. Cooper was a delight, not yet 2 but so full of life and had the brightest smile on the ward. I was so happy to share a room with him and his mum Debbie, Sam wasn’t! Such a grumpy 8 year old he could be, why did he have to share with a baby! Oh he was a funny kid! Sadly they both passed away within months of each other…. Debbie and I share a bond I wish apon no other, to not only go through such a painful time with your child, cancer is so cruel, but to also lose your child to cancer. Thank you so much Deb for making my morning brighter xxx

My journey to sustainable fashion.


so many beautiful handmade dresses out there and so many wonderful pages, sometimes I feel like a tiny drop in a large ocean. Then I think about why I am doing this. Why do I wake each day itching to start sewing? There are so many reasons! My cure for my grief, my joy of creating something that others love, my self worth of helping my family financially, the smiles on my little customers faces, my creative outlet…but most of all my achievement of helping the environment. Each item is created from unloved fabrics and trims, doilies and tablecloths, sheeting and linens. Items either destined for land fill or hidden, lost in dark cupboards. The joy I get from creating beautiful items from unloved fabric is so fulfilling my heart sings. This little cutie is from two pillowcases, darling doily sleeves and lined with vintage sheeting fabric. Thank you for being here on my journey to sustainable fashion.

Oceans of Fun!

Yesterday I made a cute little pinny, which took me back! That is one of the wonderful things about upcycling old vintage and unusual fabrics, the memories it brings back. Once apon a time I worked at Sea World the theme park here on the Gold Coast, I had moved up from Melbourne and so wanted to work at a theme park! My first job at Sea world was in hospitality, having had experience in other hotels and restaurants. Well serving hot chips and soft drink would be nothing to talk about if it was not the fun environment I worked in. Lucky my days selling burgers did not last long, I then worked in one of the smaller restaurants, seeing the dolphins each day made my job an enjoyable one. At night Sea world held a number of functions, from weddings to larger corporate affairs with 1000’s of guest, so I was then working during the day and some nights! I left Sea World to travel our great big land, but returned again 2 and half years later to get my old job back! Again I was working in the many restaurants and then working the night functions as well. This is where I met my husband Kris, who was an apprentice chef. You would think I did enough time there, but no I started cleaning the rides and other areas before the park opened too, some days, I would do all three jobs. Morning cleaning, day restaurants then night functions! What I loved about working with such a huge organisation, is the job opportunities. I tried out for the water ski team, did not get it, I think once I fell into the water and came out looking like a drowned rat, my chances were gone!! I was not the ski team type, small maybe, they need someone for the top of the pyramid, but gorgeous in any situation – no! But I did try out for a job in the helicopters and got it. That was fun, no more hospitality or cleaning! I was now selling tickets for the helicopters, loading the customers on and even going on many joy flights. That was a great time, a wonderful team of pilots, engineers, office girls and us out in the park. Lots of running around chasing up tour guides of Asian visitors, getting everyone organised, wedding groups and making sure the brides train was all tucked in, and my favourite popping the Make a wish or Starlight kids and families on a flight and watching their little faces. Helicopters lead to guest services, working on the gate taking the tickets, oh the lines in the busy times, working in the information booths, selling tickets to dolphin swims, so many enquires and problems that go with such a big organisation…..Kris and I got married, then I fell pregnant with our first boy…we both left Sea World and headed back to Melbourne. But like I said, it is funny seeing one piece of fabric with a picture of SeaWorld on it and all those memories come flooding back.  There you go, you now know a little bit of my past x




Nothing says upcycler more than a patchwork piece. I am so excited about this little pinny. It is so darn cute! As you can imagine I do not let anything go to waste here at dream a little. My family are now used to me filling empty spaces in the house with my craft. You just never know what you will need for your next creation. So the other day, after almost a week of not sewing, my backs fault not mine, I started this beauty. Well with all the digging around in my fabric stash and with choosing the right decorative stitch to use, hours went by creating something so magical. I hope you like it as much as I do! Xx11428006_828884533872428_5170761334147589503_n11390151_827677590659789_6098737347493498340_n

Three story Saturday!

Three short stories for you this Saturday xx

Something different from me, I have done appliqué before but never an elephant! Super cute with the hearts floating up. Reclaimed cord for the coming winter, I just love this brown, upcycled vintage sheeting, with gorgeous autumn florals, for the lining and as usual some mixed matched buttons. A very sweet pinny, if I don’t say so myself xx


Today I am sending off this funky pinny. Loved making this one, mixing divine summer colours. I have called it – Last days of summer – the back is a groovy orange swirl and yellow kisses fabric. I especially loved the floral orange brown, I only have a small amount left and then that beautiful yellow floral, so happy. I am having fun with mixed media, ricrac, embroidered napkin, fabric and a button, always to neat for my liking, which looks lovely but one day my hands will do what my mind sees! Lastly the mixed matched buttons, one is vintage! I hope my little customer enjoys wearing this pinny as much as I did making it xx


Over the last two years since my Samuel left us, I have been crafting. Even before he left I started making felt flowers to give to those who were helping us in such a hard time, Cancer is cruel, treatment is hard on all family members, we were so lucky to have such a caring community Then one day I wanted something to wear for a vintage fair I was attending with my flowers – my first patchwork skirt was created! And a sewing spark was ignited. Sewing and crafting for me is the best grieving process, when I am creating everything is ok. My love for all things vintage has grown and I am so lucky to have found a handmade world and others who share my passion. Yesterday was a sad day, it marked the date Sam left us, I went gently on myself and created something for me I thank my little angel for leading me on this journey of creativity, I miss you more each day Sam, but am happy to be able to ease that pain with sewing and crochet. ☆彡


Sending love to you all this week, we all need a little extra xx

A little mission!

I have made my self a little mission, for the next 30 days I need to make one or more pinny’s! I have a big craft show coming up and I need stock, but I seem to be selling them as soon as I make them…eeekkk!
Today’s pinny’s!



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New top and dress to beat the summer heat.

Today and the next few days are going to be hot. My latest two creations are made from the same light weight tablecloth with retro summer colours and a tassel hem for something different. The top is a small size, I have trimmed it with gold lace and added a gold doily. The dress, a medium size has two hand stitched butterfly doilies and a daisy trim. Both will be perfect for the summer months. To find out more check out my facebook page or my online shop at Catch a creation.