School is back for some.

My youngest boy started year 5 today, so exciting for him, he is growing up so fast, too fast!! My eldest boy starts year 9 on Friday, so still a couple more holiday days for him. And then there is my angel boy, Sam, he would have been starting high school today, with all his friends, being excited about his next stage in life but nervous as well…but sadly that was not meant to be. Mixed feeling will always be felt this time of year, sadness and loss, but then excitement for my other boys. Sending love to those who share these mixed feeling at this time of year and sending love to those little ones who are missing their first day back at school with friends and are instead fighting for their lives ❤ Also sending love to all the Mum’s and Dad’s who long for this day each year but with the feelings of loss as well, as each year our babies grow more independent and find their own way in this big scary world. Enjoy a nice cup of tea this morning and take some time out for your selves xx