Pinny Press – January 2017

Welcome to another fun and exciting year of unique upcycled creations!

With the amazing sell out of my A Magical New Year showcase held last week, I have been in organising mode for my next theme. February will see my Sweet Vintage Kids themed month. Different to a showcase, with “dream a lotteries” and available pinny posted daily to my Facebook group And a special giveaway on my page So watch out for those, starting from the 1st of February.

Wish lists!!!! My next wish list will also be posted into my group on the 1st of February at 9am (QLD time) I will be allocating 10 spaces for the first half of this month. So get in quick so I can grant your wish. Please add PHOTO’s this helps me so much when working out which pinny you love!

Also on Wish Lists, please be persistent!! Re add your wish each time, unfortunately I am unable to create them all, but your wishes are so important to me xx

Easter pinny’s – I am hoping to create a limited number of Easter themed pinny’s at the end of February, see how I go.

Upcoming events!

Sustainable Handmade Collective will be holding a showcase in March – It’s Retro Baby!

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Thank you all for the support and love,

Have a beautiful day – Jackie x




Doily magic!

My doily pinnys would have to be one of my favourite pinny styles. They showcase the love of embroidery, the talent of the artist of yesteryear, of lost treasures and a craft that is almost long forgotten.
I have only created a handful of these gorgeous dresses. As I find it harder and harder to uncover beautiful doilies. So I love seeing the ones I have made.
How gorgeous is this, her little one is long grown out of her doily pinny, so it is now beautifully on display, as a doily!
Thank you so much for showing me, I love this idea xx


Holiday time!

Well that’s it lovelies! It’s holiday time for me! A huge thank you to you all that have purchased off me this year, followed my journey and supported me. You are the reason I get up each day, oh yes and my family, but seriously I truly do not know how I would have coped these last few years without my creative output. Losing a child is hard, losing a child to cancer is the hardest….there are no words to express my feelings of grief, they change each day, each minute. But I do know how to cope with my grief, I know what is best for me, what puts the smile back on my face, even when there is darkness in my heart….sewing, creating, crocheting, fabric hunting, seeing your little ones in my creations! Thank all for the inspiration and the encouragement, I learn new things each day and look forward to new adventures with my sewing. I never really sewed before dream a little, so I am so proud of how far I have come. I hope you can stick around for the next chapter! I don’t have big plans or exciting new lines to announce, at the moment I hope to continue with more pinnys, but I am always thinking….its just getting those thoughts out! You are all very special to me, please be safe in this busy time, take care and enjoy every moment. I will be back from my holiday on the 22nd. Sewing will continue in between family and the holiday time, it is my healthy addiction! Sending love to you all, and leaving you now with a little sneak of some friends that may pop up when I return 💕

What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing? Do you get time to do the things you love. What would you do if you had a couple of uninterrupted hours? What are you passionate about? If I had to pick just one, for there are so many, for me at this very moment, today, it’s sewing! I am itching to start sewing, to cut into that cute tea towel, pillowcase, sheeting fabric, to place patterns and colours together, to find their perfect match, to sew them together, to iron, to pin, to trim and hem, picking the right buttons and then to dream of the sweet little people who will get to wear something unique and special. At this stage of my life sewing completes me, and to sew for others and to make little ones so happy….my heart sings!

Flash back Saturday.

Good morning! Flash back Saturday for you. I started this page over three years ago, sitting in the rooms of the Royal Children Hospital Brisbane with Sam. The name comes from a time in our lives where we could only “dream a little”. At first I posted about my garden and how much I missed it, then the felt flowers started, creating these for those who helped us in such a hard time was so soothing for me, it gave me something to do, to control, while the world around me was in so much turmoil. The gift of creating stayed with me even once Sam left us, it became a life line for me, something real, something I could do to keep my mind busy while my heart was breaking. My first patchwork skirt brought a whole new style of craft to me, with my sustainable background the thought of creating clothing from unloved fabric was so exciting, I could not stop, and I’m still going! Then crochet, what can I say about this beautiful soothing craft, to simply sit and to be mindful of each stitch, to clear your self of all the troubles in the world is so wonderful, and then the colour therapy as well, amazing! Thank you for joining me on my journey, enjoy your day and always be creative xxx

Do you believe in magic?

Today was filled with making magically pinnys for some little customers, fairies and a rainbow! Or was it more for the mums Do you believe in magic? I hope so I was speaking with a dear friend the other day about magic, she was telling me how magic happens everyday, not the rainbow and fairy magic, well it could, we all should hold on to our imagination for as long as we can, which we do lose a little as we get older, but the everyday magic The magic of finding most of your grocery items on special, of finding the perfect match for a piece of fabric, of getting the best car park when the shops are busy, of the kids putting their shoes in the right spot, of having that one ingredient in the back of the cupboard, of matching two buttons! That’s magic, and if you look at those simple things in life as wonderful happenings, things can’t be too bad, life can be a little rosier, it can be magic! xx ☆彡11055664_331698393692902_2089757293_n

Autumn love!

So I made a gorgeous pinny, nothing new there, but oh this one is so divine! To celebrate the turning  of the  sessions I made this one special. With patchwork, that went a little crazy, ricrac trim, all the shades of brown and some lovely lace trim. Fully lined to keep the cooling winds out. I used upcycled fabrics, vintage and retro, sheeting and tablecloth, warm autumn colours of brown, orange and yellow, with some funky floral vintage sheeting fabric on back. Oh if only I could shrink myself down to a child’s size three, grab some gumboots and spotty socks and head out to jump in muddy puddles xx

Pinny’s are back, holidays are over.

My crochet holiday was lovely, so many wonderful mandalas were created. I still have the mandala bug, so you will see more! Pinny production has had a slow start. Holidays then more holidays plus the boys are still home, but I have managed to get to the sewing machine and create! Here are a few that I have done. Looking forward to full pinny production and the odd crocheted mandala on the side, I think that sounds lovely xx