Doily magic!

My doily pinnys would have to be one of my favourite pinny styles. They showcase the love of embroidery, the talent of the artist of yesteryear, of lost treasures and a craft that is almost long forgotten.
I have only created a handful of these gorgeous dresses. As I find it harder and harder to uncover beautiful doilies. So I love seeing the ones I have made.
How gorgeous is this, her little one is long grown out of her doily pinny, so it is now beautifully on display, as a doily!
Thank you so much for showing me, I love this idea xx



Can you feel the passion!

Each and everyone of my pinnys takes a piece of my heart with them when they head off to their new little owners. I don’t just buy a bunch of fabrics and power sew them in production line style. No, I sew them individually, each piece of fabric, in which ever way it makes its way to me, is loved and cherished. The first time I see it online or if I am lucky enough to recuse it from an op shop basket or when someone donates unwanted fabrics to me, my heart melts. The excitement of new pre loved or reclaimed fabric is so much fun! Then to put it all together, to mix and match, searching for that one piece you know you have, that will go perfectly with another piece. Then to see it come together so wonderfully. Like this one, different fabrics from so many different places, all joined together now, it’s magic! Can you feel the passion, the love, oh I adore them so!

Today is Tuesday.

Good morning!I have my little Tommy home again 😦 its just a cough, but he is better off home, nice and warm, than trying to stay warm at school and fight his cough, let alone spreading gems!
So excited about my Rainbow Brite pinny, one only!! I will show you soon, once the sun comes out xx

Remember my posts about amazing fabrics, here it is just in case you missed it –

Also thinking, when I do find amazing fabrics, it would be best to pop them in the Pretty Pinny Plaza for all to see, especially when I have some many wishes and only a small amount of fabric x
Tonight is the Lore and Legends market over at Free Aussie Handmade Markets you don’t want to miss that one.
Don’t forget my Instagram giveaway, not many people have entered so your chances of winning are high 😉
Pretty Pinny Plaza is looking amazing, and I still have so many more to add, remember to pop the 1st of July at 2pm on your calendar. 
I will be starting to get those last June wishes out soon!!! Thank you for your patience.
And lastly a little quote for your day, in this mixed up crazy world –
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you all for being here xx

Jackie xx ❤

Magic of fabric!

Another reason I love to create my gorgeous pinnys out of upcycled vintage sheeting fabrics is the memories. I love it when my lovely customers tell me how they had those sheets as a child or they remember the doilies their grandmother used to make or even how themselves used to have a particular fabric. Memories that were lost in busy minds of our crazy lives are instantly refresh and brought back to the surface. Memories of a happier time with loved ones no longer with us. Memories of a time a little bit slower, simpler…happier. This is the magic of fabric!!! This divine print reminds one of my customers of her parents sheets, it was a blue colour-way but the same print, so glad I could create this for her xx Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do.

The magic of fabric.

Look at this little sweetie in her Holly Hobbie pinny and her just too adorable hat! This makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing x Thank you all for sharing your little ones in their dream a little pinnys. This is why I create, to make little people happy, if they are happy I’m happy. But it’s just not the kids it’s the mum’s, I get all warm and fuzzy feelings when someone tells me about a fabric I just used and how it reminds them of when they were a kid, or of their parents or grandparents. My pinnys are not just gorgeous to look at but magical to invoke on memories long forgotten, of a happy time, of laughter and joy. This is what my creative journey is all about, it’s not for money or likes or insights, though the money does help to purchase more fabrics, it’s about memories, love, happiness, joy, it’s about sharing those feelings with your little one through fabrics and pictures. Everyone of my creations holds a story, a memory, a song and most of all love!

Apple blossom.


Good morning! Blossoms everywhere here at mine. Yesterday afternoon my 13 year old and I had a trek through our garden, taking photos of our lovely blossom trees. I had the iPad, he had his lovely new camera, I will show you his photos later. Here is one of my photos of our apple blossom, after so many people saying they love apple blossom I was so happy to find our small tree in bloom. So beautiful!

Do you believe in magic?

Today was filled with making magically pinnys for some little customers, fairies and a rainbow! Or was it more for the mums Do you believe in magic? I hope so I was speaking with a dear friend the other day about magic, she was telling me how magic happens everyday, not the rainbow and fairy magic, well it could, we all should hold on to our imagination for as long as we can, which we do lose a little as we get older, but the everyday magic The magic of finding most of your grocery items on special, of finding the perfect match for a piece of fabric, of getting the best car park when the shops are busy, of the kids putting their shoes in the right spot, of having that one ingredient in the back of the cupboard, of matching two buttons! That’s magic, and if you look at those simple things in life as wonderful happenings, things can’t be too bad, life can be a little rosier, it can be magic! xx ☆彡11055664_331698393692902_2089757293_n

Rainbows are my favourite!

What’s not to like about a rainbow, bright bold colours, magically flowing from one colour to the next, the different shades of certain colours, the patterns, florals, the added trim, ricrac, that sometimes pops up on them to add that little something! Yes rainbow pinny’s are my favourite! Have you caught your rainbow yet?









Magic happens when you dream a little.

Up where the tall trees grow and the butterflies kiss, there is a beautiful community, full of caring and thoughtful people, Tamborine Mountain. Starting out in the business of creating beautiful wedding items, I dreamt of displaying my creations, but just did not know where to start. So I put it out there one night. Next minute my dream came true!

The day of the shoot was amazing, blue skies and a slight breeze, we had Kim Maurer from Freelance Hairdresser start the day off with doing our little flower girls hair and our bride for the day. A huge thank you to you Kim, to take time from your busy Saturday to make our girls curls!

The experience of Suellen Bayly was fantastic, with local information about the Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group and her tips throughout the afternoon were duly noted. Her work speaks for itself!

The magic really started when Sophie Baker and Brooke Lehmann on second camera arrived. I have admired her work for awhile now and was so excited that she was going to take the photos for me. They are both relaxed and so friendly, they would put any nervous bride at ease. Then the fun began!

How lucky was Katrina, to have a second go with her gorgeous wedding dress after being married for 12 years, she looked stunning, and to have her beautiful girls with her dressed up as princesses really made them the happiest little girls on the mountain.

And thank you so much for helping me out Ali, what a stunning girl. Beauty that comes from deep inside, and those eyes!

Lastly I would love to thank Petite and Sweet for supplying the scrumptious petit fours and scones for our picnic. The perfect way to finish our day.

I feel I have had a little angel watching over me the last few weeks, it is with the love of this angel and the overwhelming thanks I have for our wonderful community that keeps me going and creating beautiful flowers for you. Thank you everyone.