I have been blessed with three boys…

I have been blessed with three boys…this is James, my eldest. He is 14 going on 40, well he has always been 40, he is one of those kids who is way too grown up before his time and was never really a child, he is a quirky young man, interested in computers, and like most his age spends too much time on one, but he loves using his hands, building and tinkering in his shed, and loves to look after our garden, this photo was taken after spending the morning in the garden, after purchasing a new brush cutter, our old one died after 13 years of intense work. He is the most helpful person around our house, out of all of us!!I am so proud of him and love him so…teenage years are hard, so many decisions, so many ideas and possibilities…but you are trapped in a body that grows too quickly and mind that can’t settle…💕


Dreams amongst the nightmares!

To dream, to wish, to make goals…is to know you are alive, to know there is hope, changing your life for YOU.Our lives are full of dreams, they change from year to year…and sadly there are also nightmares, that come crashing in to our lives, ripping it apart and leaving you so raw and lost…but if you hold on to those dreams, even if they take on a new direction, you can get through those nightmares. Hold on to your dreams and they will lead you through the dark.

dream a little is my light, my peace, my hope, after the nightmare.

Do not give up on your dreams!

for that is life

…you must understand                             the whole of life                                

  not just one little part of it                

 that is why you must read                

 that is why you must look at the skies                                                  

 that is why you must sing and dance                                                 

  and write poems                                  

and suffer and understand             

  for that is life ~ jiddu krishnamurti          
 That is why I create rainbows, life is everything, pain and happiness, there will be dark days but please try your hardest to let your rainbow flow x


Childhood cancer will not be forgotten with the change of a date.

Today is the last day of September, but like Sam Childhood cancer will not be forgotten with the change of a date. For so many this cruel disease has taken so much, lives have changed, dreams have been forgotten and hearts have been broken. There is heartbreak with losing a child to cancer as with your child surviving, you are never free, the thought of it coming back and the complications are very real. But we are so lucky to have each other. Today I send out a special heart felt hug to all those beautiful people I have met on our journey, you are always in my heart. And I wish to say thank you to those gorgeous people who have followed Samuels journey, who have helped spread the word about childhood cancer, you are so wonderful. Always be grateful for what you have, “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” Life can be hard, it can twist and turn in ways you do not want, you can begin to feel cheated and bitterness can set in, but you need to stop and think of how lucky you are, to be here, to be alive, fight for those dreams again. Samuel had dreams, he wanted to be a dad, to have kids, he wanted to be a scientist, to discover and learn, he wanted to have fun and go on adventures. Our last photo together….about to embark on his last adventure, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” I miss you Samuel xx