Today I picked an apple!

My first apple from an apple tree I planted many moons ago! I originally had two trees, but the other did not survive my neglected gardening skills. The first apple to survive the king parrots and cockatoo that feast on my fruit tree in my garden.

Now to see if it is ok to eat, there are smaller things that also like apples that could be burrowed deep inside, but first I will savour it, wait to show everyone else when they get home.

Today I picked an apple…life can’t be that bad!


Mulberry tree.

We have a mulberry tree in our garden, two actually. This one grows straight and tall, the branches bend with the weight of the fruit, it needs to be pruned. Every year we get kilos of gorgeous dark fruit that stain my hands when I pick them, every year I freeze them, then forget about them! I have only made jam once, and then gave it all away. I do like mulberry, but I think the thought of owning one was more exciting than the reality! Funny. We have already picked our first load, I gave them away. But this weekend thinking of making something. What do you do with your mulberries? Do you think a crumble would be nice? Enjoy this day xx Photo by James Pardoe-Matthews photography


Look who is popping up now that spring has sprung! Two weekends ago we all got stuck into the asparagus patch. Weeded it and then mulched it. Most of these I have planted from seed, one row from crowns. We are normally lucky enough to get a feed every second day, once they are all going. I picked my first one the other day and ate it raw, so yummy just like fresh peas! Who likes asparagus?  

Dreaming of chooks.

My nectarine blossom! Such sweet little pink blossoms are out in bloom and the bees are loving it! I planted this tree in the middle of my chook yard. Sadly I no longer have chooks, we used to have many, they were so much fun and adventure. Years and years of chook stories. Most of them we raised from chicks, when the boys were young it was just the best thing, so then there was always the chance of getting roosters. The time we killed our first roosters, Blackie and Whitie my poor husband having to do this, the trauma! Then having them for dinner and the boys, who were only 5,3,1 asking “is this Blackie, am I eating Whitie!” Oh dear! The summer we had snake after snake come in to the chook house to make a meal for them selves, I had just released some baby pullets and one of the snakes had two lumps in its belly! Chooks pooping at the back door waiting for some dinner, getting into the neighbours gardens, dogs coming over and killing our chooks, foxes, the pecking chook who always got called “Pecker” – oh those were the days! But it’s the yummy eggs I love and that happy chook sound, of seeing them scratching up the group, pooing in their natural fertiliser, I do miss that. I dream of getting more chooks, we had to stop having chooks when Sam got cancer and both him and myself were always in the hospital, life got too complicated and the chooks had to go….but my dream could be made true again, my father in law, who has moved in two doors up, would love chooks too, well the eggs, we will have the chooks, there is a plan, now to just get it happening!


Good morning! Do you have nasturtium flowers in your garden? Years ago we had loads, I love them! So many different colours and patterns, their little faces popping out of the green foliage everywhere….but over the years of RA and losing Samuel my garden has changed, now there are only a handful of plants left. But these guys have looked after them selves, popping up in the strangest places and saying – We are still here! Such a great plant, so hardy and all of it is totally eatable! You will find the flowers in salads, you can eat the leaves and they say if you pickle the seeds they taste like capers, I tried that once, in other life, I don’t really like capers! Enjoy your day!

My lemon trees!

Walking through my garden yesterday before the drizzle set in, I was looking at my lemon trees. When moving here one of the first things I planted was a lemonade lemon tree. I planted it in the wrong spot! That’s the thing about gardening, the learning, not only of what to plant and when but of the lay out of your own property and the correct area’s to plant. He is still there, still produces yummy lemons but he is a tiny tree. I also planted a meyer and then an eureka. The eureka is huge, such a hardie tree and fruit with its thick skin. Every year the stink bugs attack it and it still soldiers on! I love having a lemon tree or three in my garden, I believe everyone should have a lemon tree in the backyard its as Aussie as the old hills-hoist. I secretly wish to go on a mission one day, a mission of making sure every Aussie backyard has a lemon tree! It’s one of the easier trees to grow, a great way to start your gardening adventure off, and so many uses, from cooking to cleaning, good for your immune system, my rheumatoid…the list goes on! Look it up! So do you have a lemon tree?


Our aquaponics journey

Our aquaponics journey – this morning planting out some babies! Basil, lettuce and spring onions. What felt like hundreds of baby spring onions! So thin and tiny! So far we have found these three to grow well in our aquaponics system, so its good to stick with what grows well. We have one last broccoli it eat, it also grows well, when planted the right time. I have a whole bed of rocket and cauliflower, both my second time of trying to plant in this system and now twice a failed attempt, the rocket just does not like it, and the cauliflower will not form heads, though the leaves look great! All trial and error! Another bed to clean out and replant!