Pinny Press – January 2017

Welcome to another fun and exciting year of unique upcycled creations!

With the amazing sell out of my A Magical New Year showcase held last week, I have been in organising mode for my next theme. February will see my Sweet Vintage Kids themed month. Different to a showcase, with “dream a lotteries” and available pinny posted daily to my Facebook group And a special giveaway on my page So watch out for those, starting from the 1st of February.

Wish lists!!!! My next wish list will also be posted into my group on the 1st of February at 9am (QLD time) I will be allocating 10 spaces for the first half of this month. So get in quick so I can grant your wish. Please add PHOTO’s this helps me so much when working out which pinny you love!

Also on Wish Lists, please be persistent!! Re add your wish each time, unfortunately I am unable to create them all, but your wishes are so important to me xx

Easter pinny’s – I am hoping to create a limited number of Easter themed pinny’s at the end of February, see how I go.

Upcoming events!

Sustainable Handmade Collective will be holding a showcase in March – It’s Retro Baby!

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Thank you all for the support and love,

Have a beautiful day – Jackie x




Magic of fabric!

Another reason I love to create my gorgeous pinnys out of upcycled vintage sheeting fabrics is the memories. I love it when my lovely customers tell me how they had those sheets as a child or they remember the doilies their grandmother used to make or even how themselves used to have a particular fabric. Memories that were lost in busy minds of our crazy lives are instantly refresh and brought back to the surface. Memories of a happier time with loved ones no longer with us. Memories of a time a little bit slower, simpler…happier. This is the magic of fabric!!! This divine print reminds one of my customers of her parents sheets, it was a blue colour-way but the same print, so glad I could create this for her xx Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do.

My journey to sustainable fashion.


so many beautiful handmade dresses out there and so many wonderful pages, sometimes I feel like a tiny drop in a large ocean. Then I think about why I am doing this. Why do I wake each day itching to start sewing? There are so many reasons! My cure for my grief, my joy of creating something that others love, my self worth of helping my family financially, the smiles on my little customers faces, my creative outlet…but most of all my achievement of helping the environment. Each item is created from unloved fabrics and trims, doilies and tablecloths, sheeting and linens. Items either destined for land fill or hidden, lost in dark cupboards. The joy I get from creating beautiful items from unloved fabric is so fulfilling my heart sings. This little cutie is from two pillowcases, darling doily sleeves and lined with vintage sheeting fabric. Thank you for being here on my journey to sustainable fashion.