Pinny Press – January 2017

Welcome to another fun and exciting year of unique upcycled creations!

With the amazing sell out of my A Magical New Year showcase held last week, I have been in organising mode for my next theme. February will see my Sweet Vintage Kids themed month. Different to a showcase, with “dream a lotteries” and available pinny posted daily to my Facebook group And a special giveaway on my page So watch out for those, starting from the 1st of February.

Wish lists!!!! My next wish list will also be posted into my group on the 1st of February at 9am (QLD time) I will be allocating 10 spaces for the first half of this month. So get in quick so I can grant your wish. Please add PHOTO’s this helps me so much when working out which pinny you love!

Also on Wish Lists, please be persistent!! Re add your wish each time, unfortunately I am unable to create them all, but your wishes are so important to me xx

Easter pinny’s – I am hoping to create a limited number of Easter themed pinny’s at the end of February, see how I go.

Upcoming events!

Sustainable Handmade Collective will be holding a showcase in March – It’s Retro Baby!

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Thank you all for the support and love,

Have a beautiful day – Jackie x




Pinny Press- November 2016

Welcome to my first Pinny Press!!

I thought I would trial it through my blog, test it out….so bear with me!

First up I wish to say a huge thank you to you all that entered my 6000 liker Facebook giveaway, such a wonderful response and so glad my gorgeous pinny (pictured below) has now arrived at it’s new little owner’s home. Also thank you to the beautiful Zylee for always looking amazing in my pinnys xx If you wish to see more of Zylee and her funky style Click here.

Showcases!!! Happening this Wednesday night over at Sustainable Handmade Creations The Great Christmas Bazaar opens at 7pm AEST (Queensland time) Do not miss it!! I will be releasing my first Sweet Summer Dress for the season and a gorgeous little Christmas pinny. You will find the album here.

Wish list update….there will be no December wish list!!! As the silly season it now pretty much here, I am not adding anymore pressure on myself. So I will be continuing to create from the November wish list…there is still so much for me to do there! So please if you are still wanting to add your wish to a list, you are welcome to add to this list, but no guarantees!! My next wish list will be in January, this will be a very limited one, as it will be school holidays and my boys will sure to keep me busy! Follow my blog so you do not miss out on my next up date to when it will open!

Lastly, I am going on holidays!!!! Every Christmas I head on down to my Mum’s in Victoria, this year we will be there for Christmas. So leaving on the 20th of December and coming back on the 31st of December. How exciting. My last postage day will be the 19th of December, but for those hoping to receive parcels before Christmas, it will be  the 10th of December. So yes pinny production will cease from the 20th of December! Yippee holiday time, I do believe I will have sewing withdrawals…the crochet hook with be coming with me and I have been thinking about embroidery again…so many beautiful crafts to keep me busy!

That’s all for now, thank you so much everyone for all the support and love…now I better get back to sewing, enjoy your weekend xx

Jackie xx



Doily magic!

My doily pinnys would have to be one of my favourite pinny styles. They showcase the love of embroidery, the talent of the artist of yesteryear, of lost treasures and a craft that is almost long forgotten.
I have only created a handful of these gorgeous dresses. As I find it harder and harder to uncover beautiful doilies. So I love seeing the ones I have made.
How gorgeous is this, her little one is long grown out of her doily pinny, so it is now beautifully on display, as a doily!
Thank you so much for showing me, I love this idea xx


Can you feel the passion!

Each and everyone of my pinnys takes a piece of my heart with them when they head off to their new little owners. I don’t just buy a bunch of fabrics and power sew them in production line style. No, I sew them individually, each piece of fabric, in which ever way it makes its way to me, is loved and cherished. The first time I see it online or if I am lucky enough to recuse it from an op shop basket or when someone donates unwanted fabrics to me, my heart melts. The excitement of new pre loved or reclaimed fabric is so much fun! Then to put it all together, to mix and match, searching for that one piece you know you have, that will go perfectly with another piece. Then to see it come together so wonderfully. Like this one, different fabrics from so many different places, all joined together now, it’s magic! Can you feel the passion, the love, oh I adore them so!

Pinny are for always wear!

I love this photo! Pinnys are for fun, adventure, play, make believe, dreaming and yes for looking pretty, but they are for always wear, anytime or place. Not for waiting for that special occasion. The cut of the dress is perfect for outside adventure play but still lovely enough for those many birthday parties. Wear them always, and if they get dirty, oh well you are only young once! Live life, have fun, enjoy!!!!

Painful bond.

Oh what a delight to wake this morning to this gorgeous photo! Not only to see one of my earlier pinnys but to see this precious one. Her eldest brother and my Samuel shared rooms while going through treatment at the RCH. Cooper was a delight, not yet 2 but so full of life and had the brightest smile on the ward. I was so happy to share a room with him and his mum Debbie, Sam wasn’t! Such a grumpy 8 year old he could be, why did he have to share with a baby! Oh he was a funny kid! Sadly they both passed away within months of each other…. Debbie and I share a bond I wish apon no other, to not only go through such a painful time with your child, cancer is so cruel, but to also lose your child to cancer. Thank you so much Deb for making my morning brighter xxx

Fabric fairies.

It’s amazing how the fabric fairies work! Two weeks ago I went to a garage sale up here on my mountain. I don’t normally go to garage sales, I would put that down to laziness but this one advertised linens and a 9am start, now that is better time than those early bird ones! I got there right on nine, but I guess I was the only one with manners! There was at least 100 people already there! I was quite shocked and a little saddened for the people running it, but it was all very organised with colour coded stickers. Thinking I had missed out I was delighted at finding this amazing tea towel, perfect for the upcoming Sustainable Christmas market I was in. I also found loads of plain sheets to use for lining, which I was running out of, and over locker thread which I would have had to order soon too. So I felt very lucky and thankful to those who no longer needed these items. So happy to give new life to hidden or forgotten treasures!

The magic of fabric.

Look at this little sweetie in her Holly Hobbie pinny and her just too adorable hat! This makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing x Thank you all for sharing your little ones in their dream a little pinnys. This is why I create, to make little people happy, if they are happy I’m happy. But it’s just not the kids it’s the mum’s, I get all warm and fuzzy feelings when someone tells me about a fabric I just used and how it reminds them of when they were a kid, or of their parents or grandparents. My pinnys are not just gorgeous to look at but magical to invoke on memories long forgotten, of a happy time, of laughter and joy. This is what my creative journey is all about, it’s not for money or likes or insights, though the money does help to purchase more fabrics, it’s about memories, love, happiness, joy, it’s about sharing those feelings with your little one through fabrics and pictures. Everyone of my creations holds a story, a memory, a song and most of all love!

September is raising awareness for childhood cancer month.

Go gold this September, raise awareness for childhood cancer. Let’s do this for all those brave soldiers out there, fighting this disease, let’s do this for our beautiful angels taken too soon. Let’s do this for my angel, Samuel, osteosarcoma took my boy four days before is ninth birthday. This month is for raising awareness, speaking about it, sharing, caring and helping. I want to giveaway this gorgeous gold pinny, it’s my way of spreading the word. Please help me spread awareness. To go into the random draw for this pretty daffodil pinny, size 3, simply comment below, share your stories, tag a friend with kids, send love to our brave soldiers, speak our angels names!x I will randomly draw the winner on the 14th of September at 10am. Enter here. This giveaway will only be for my Facebook followers, it is not endorsed or sponsors by Facebook. Thank you for caring xx11950266_871325342961680_402209932722580545_o