Pinny Press- November 2016

Welcome to my first Pinny Press!!

I thought I would trial it through my blog, test it out….so bear with me!

First up I wish to say a huge thank you to you all that entered my 6000 liker Facebook giveaway, such a wonderful response and so glad my gorgeous pinny (pictured below) has now arrived at it’s new little owner’s home. Also thank you to the beautiful Zylee for always looking amazing in my pinnys xx If you wish to see more of Zylee and her funky style Click here.

Showcases!!! Happening this Wednesday night over at Sustainable Handmade Creations The Great Christmas Bazaar opens at 7pm AEST (Queensland time) Do not miss it!! I will be releasing my first Sweet Summer Dress for the season and a gorgeous little Christmas pinny. You will find the album here.

Wish list update….there will be no December wish list!!! As the silly season it now pretty much here, I am not adding anymore pressure on myself. So I will be continuing to create from the November wish list…there is still so much for me to do there! So please if you are still wanting to add your wish to a list, you are welcome to add to this list, but no guarantees!! My next wish list will be in January, this will be a very limited one, as it will be school holidays and my boys will sure to keep me busy! Follow my blog so you do not miss out on my next up date to when it will open!

Lastly, I am going on holidays!!!! Every Christmas I head on down to my Mum’s in Victoria, this year we will be there for Christmas. So leaving on the 20th of December and coming back on the 31st of December. How exciting. My last postage day will be the 19th of December, but for those hoping to receive parcels before Christmas, it will be  the 10th of December. So yes pinny production will cease from the 20th of December! Yippee holiday time, I do believe I will have sewing withdrawals…the crochet hook with be coming with me and I have been thinking about embroidery again…so many beautiful crafts to keep me busy!

That’s all for now, thank you so much everyone for all the support and love…now I better get back to sewing, enjoy your weekend xx

Jackie xx




Doily magic!

My doily pinnys would have to be one of my favourite pinny styles. They showcase the love of embroidery, the talent of the artist of yesteryear, of lost treasures and a craft that is almost long forgotten.
I have only created a handful of these gorgeous dresses. As I find it harder and harder to uncover beautiful doilies. So I love seeing the ones I have made.
How gorgeous is this, her little one is long grown out of her doily pinny, so it is now beautifully on display, as a doily!
Thank you so much for showing me, I love this idea xx


Magic of fabric!

Another reason I love to create my gorgeous pinnys out of upcycled vintage sheeting fabrics is the memories. I love it when my lovely customers tell me how they had those sheets as a child or they remember the doilies their grandmother used to make or even how themselves used to have a particular fabric. Memories that were lost in busy minds of our crazy lives are instantly refresh and brought back to the surface. Memories of a happier time with loved ones no longer with us. Memories of a time a little bit slower, simpler…happier. This is the magic of fabric!!! This divine print reminds one of my customers of her parents sheets, it was a blue colour-way but the same print, so glad I could create this for her xx Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do.

Morning cuppa.


My morning cup of tea. For 42 years of my life I did not drink tea or coffee, even the odd milo was rare. But something changed while in hospital all those months with Sam. I changed, tea drinking was one of those changes. Funny because I grew up in a family that revolves around, putting the kettle on! We were constantly visiting or people dropping in for a cuppa. The big thing was getting my nana and pop a cup of tea, getting it right! Little story about that for decades my Pop had black tea with my Nana, but when she passed away he started to have milk in his tea, he was such a gentleman that he just must have gone with it for so many years, secretly wanting milk, but still the ritual of getting it right was so important. But I never indulged, not sure why, this wonderful social habit never grew on me, don’t worry I was still there around the table, there was scones! I remember when working at Sea world and one of the girls I worked with could not believe I did not have a cuppa, what did I drink when getting together with friends? But even now I find I enjoy my cuppa more when alone, my first cup of the day, I only have two, is when I drop the boys off at school. The house is quiet, there is that moment of peace before jobs and more importantly sewing. The birds are singing the sun is shinning and there is just me and my tea. Today as I sit and drink I am thankful for lost treasures, two parcels have arrived, one from a lovely IG follower and one from one of my Mums friends, thank you for thinking of me and my love of doilies x Now how is your cuppa this morning, what is your favourite?

Happy sunny pinny!

A happy sunny pinny to brighten your day! It is a glorious day here on Tamborine Mountain, the perfect winters day for us Queenslanders. I hope your day is just as bright! Showing you this gorgeous little dress today because I am just loving my little “show a little slip” petticoat thing happening here, with a vintage ruffle complete with ribbon and embroidery. Spotty vintage seer sucker fabric in sunny yellow, the cutest hand embroidered vintage doily pocket and happy flower buttons. I am just loving this pinny! I love all my pinnys, each and everyone is full of love, caring, inspiration, fun, magic, cheekiness, playfulness and dreams! I hope you love them too, join my Facebook group today, I will be adding this one to the group later. Friends of dream a little. xxx



Finding lost treasures.

I am always on the look out for those beautiful lost treasures. I have been lucky in my pursue and have found some clever hunters in all things vintage and now have myself a lovely stash of vintage sheeting and fabrics. But the elusive beautiful embroidered doily is the most prized possession!


Down dark and dusty hallways you may still find the odd one stashed at the back of old linen cupboards, sadly unloved and worse for wear. Or you may find one or two at your local op shop, with rust spots or stains.


But oh I dream oh those divine pristine linens, with the stitching so fine, and I know they are out there because I have been lucky to have found some, or blessed in having been given some. And oh what a happy day that is!


All I say is give a thought when you come across something so precious as an embroidered doily, of the hours and love put in to them, of a time gone by. Our lives now are so busy, no time for anything that takes time, meals in a minute, information at my fingertips, distance is nothing and all we want to do is get there, fast! I was born in the wrong era, but I am here now so what I can do for my self is slow down, take the time, enjoy the simple crafts, learn more skills, take advantage of this information at my fingertips and forever be on the hunt!

xx Jackie xx

P.S. Can’t wait to show you what I made today with some of those lovely embroidered doilies!