Doily magic!

My doily pinnys would have to be one of my favourite pinny styles. They showcase the love of embroidery, the talent of the artist of yesteryear, of lost treasures and a craft that is almost long forgotten.
I have only created a handful of these gorgeous dresses. As I find it harder and harder to uncover beautiful doilies. So I love seeing the ones I have made.
How gorgeous is this, her little one is long grown out of her doily pinny, so it is now beautifully on display, as a doily!
Thank you so much for showing me, I love this idea xx



Flash back Saturday.

Good morning! Flash back Saturday for you. I started this page over three years ago, sitting in the rooms of the Royal Children Hospital Brisbane with Sam. The name comes from a time in our lives where we could only “dream a little”. At first I posted about my garden and how much I missed it, then the felt flowers started, creating these for those who helped us in such a hard time was so soothing for me, it gave me something to do, to control, while the world around me was in so much turmoil. The gift of creating stayed with me even once Sam left us, it became a life line for me, something real, something I could do to keep my mind busy while my heart was breaking. My first patchwork skirt brought a whole new style of craft to me, with my sustainable background the thought of creating clothing from unloved fabric was so exciting, I could not stop, and I’m still going! Then crochet, what can I say about this beautiful soothing craft, to simply sit and to be mindful of each stitch, to clear your self of all the troubles in the world is so wonderful, and then the colour therapy as well, amazing! Thank you for joining me on my journey, enjoy your day and always be creative xxx

Rainbows chasing the darkness away x


When Samuel passed away, and even the year of hospital stays and treatment before this, a huge dark cloud began to cover our family. I started doing anything to help stop the darkness taking over. Filling my days with colour and craft has done that for me. One of the first things I did when Sam left was purchase a rainbow jacket from TPF Faerie wear I now own four, and every time I wear these beautiful coloured creations I feel so alive. Today my days are filled with creating rainbows of my own x I would like to give this mini mandala to someone who needs the darkness chased away. Do you know someone, or someone’s who would love to receive this Zooty owl creation. Please tag them here, and on Monday the 10th at 10am I will randomly pick someone. Not endorsed or sponsored by Facebook. Let your inner rainbow free x Enter here.

Peach blossom giveaway x

My gorgeous peach tree is now in full blossom! So I would love to give this pretty pink mini mandala away to celebrate. Simply tell me your favourite blossom flower. Mine is plum, the brilliant white flowers are so lovely, I am still waiting for mine to appear x Giveaway will be randomly drawn Monday 1pm, good luck x Enter here! Pattern by Zooty Owl x


Finding lost treasures.

I am always on the look out for those beautiful lost treasures. I have been lucky in my pursue and have found some clever hunters in all things vintage and now have myself a lovely stash of vintage sheeting and fabrics. But the elusive beautiful embroidered doily is the most prized possession!


Down dark and dusty hallways you may still find the odd one stashed at the back of old linen cupboards, sadly unloved and worse for wear. Or you may find one or two at your local op shop, with rust spots or stains.


But oh I dream oh those divine pristine linens, with the stitching so fine, and I know they are out there because I have been lucky to have found some, or blessed in having been given some. And oh what a happy day that is!


All I say is give a thought when you come across something so precious as an embroidered doily, of the hours and love put in to them, of a time gone by. Our lives now are so busy, no time for anything that takes time, meals in a minute, information at my fingertips, distance is nothing and all we want to do is get there, fast! I was born in the wrong era, but I am here now so what I can do for my self is slow down, take the time, enjoy the simple crafts, learn more skills, take advantage of this information at my fingertips and forever be on the hunt!

xx Jackie xx

P.S. Can’t wait to show you what I made today with some of those lovely embroidered doilies!

Pinny’s are back, holidays are over.

My crochet holiday was lovely, so many wonderful mandalas were created. I still have the mandala bug, so you will see more! Pinny production has had a slow start. Holidays then more holidays plus the boys are still home, but I have managed to get to the sewing machine and create! Here are a few that I have done. Looking forward to full pinny production and the odd crocheted mandala on the side, I think that sounds lovely xx





Getting restless!

Holidays are here, Christmas is approaching! I will be going away soon, so that means no sewing!! I am really looking forward to a break from the machine, even though I have been creating some amazing patchwork pinny’s lately. But oh to crochet! So simple, one hook and some yarn, I love it, getting so excited, my projects this summer will be mandalas, colours and patterns, makes me so happy! Enjoy the summer!