Pinny Press- November 2016

Welcome to my first Pinny Press!!

I thought I would trial it through my blog, test it out….so bear with me!

First up I wish to say a huge thank you to you all that entered my 6000 liker Facebook giveaway, such a wonderful response and so glad my gorgeous pinny (pictured below) has now arrived at it’s new little owner’s home. Also thank you to the beautiful Zylee for always looking amazing in my pinnys xx If you wish to see more of Zylee and her funky style Click here.

Showcases!!! Happening this Wednesday night over at Sustainable Handmade Creations The Great Christmas Bazaar opens at 7pm AEST (Queensland time) Do not miss it!! I will be releasing my first Sweet Summer Dress for the season and a gorgeous little Christmas pinny. You will find the album here.

Wish list update….there will be no December wish list!!! As the silly season it now pretty much here, I am not adding anymore pressure on myself. So I will be continuing to create from the November wish list…there is still so much for me to do there! So please if you are still wanting to add your wish to a list, you are welcome to add to this list, but no guarantees!! My next wish list will be in January, this will be a very limited one, as it will be school holidays and my boys will sure to keep me busy! Follow my blog so you do not miss out on my next up date to when it will open!

Lastly, I am going on holidays!!!! Every Christmas I head on down to my Mum’s in Victoria, this year we will be there for Christmas. So leaving on the 20th of December and coming back on the 31st of December. How exciting. My last postage day will be the 19th of December, but for those hoping to receive parcels before Christmas, it will be  the 10th of December. So yes pinny production will cease from the 20th of December! Yippee holiday time, I do believe I will have sewing withdrawals…the crochet hook with be coming with me and I have been thinking about embroidery again…so many beautiful crafts to keep me busy!

That’s all for now, thank you so much everyone for all the support and love…now I better get back to sewing, enjoy your weekend xx

Jackie xx




Can you feel the passion!

Each and everyone of my pinnys takes a piece of my heart with them when they head off to their new little owners. I don’t just buy a bunch of fabrics and power sew them in production line style. No, I sew them individually, each piece of fabric, in which ever way it makes its way to me, is loved and cherished. The first time I see it online or if I am lucky enough to recuse it from an op shop basket or when someone donates unwanted fabrics to me, my heart melts. The excitement of new pre loved or reclaimed fabric is so much fun! Then to put it all together, to mix and match, searching for that one piece you know you have, that will go perfectly with another piece. Then to see it come together so wonderfully. Like this one, different fabrics from so many different places, all joined together now, it’s magic! Can you feel the passion, the love, oh I adore them so!

I dreamed a little.  

I dreamed a little when I was finishing high school, I wanted to become an art teacher…I was never any good at “art” I could not draw, I did not have any artist talents…also it takes a bit of money to put yourself through Uni, so I got a job…I worked, I travelled a little, I got married and I had kids…but it took sadness, illness and loss to find myself back to my dream and to realise you do not have to be able draw, or paint or even design, to create beautiful works of art. I am loving my new direction in life, yes the journey was bumpy, and no amount of pinnys are going to fill my broken heart of losing Sam, but I am trying! They do get me up each day, they make my heart sing…I am the happiest sad person around xx


What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing? Do you get time to do the things you love. What would you do if you had a couple of uninterrupted hours? What are you passionate about? If I had to pick just one, for there are so many, for me at this very moment, today, it’s sewing! I am itching to start sewing, to cut into that cute tea towel, pillowcase, sheeting fabric, to place patterns and colours together, to find their perfect match, to sew them together, to iron, to pin, to trim and hem, picking the right buttons and then to dream of the sweet little people who will get to wear something unique and special. At this stage of my life sewing completes me, and to sew for others and to make little ones so happy….my heart sings!

The magic of fabric.

Look at this little sweetie in her Holly Hobbie pinny and her just too adorable hat! This makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing x Thank you all for sharing your little ones in their dream a little pinnys. This is why I create, to make little people happy, if they are happy I’m happy. But it’s just not the kids it’s the mum’s, I get all warm and fuzzy feelings when someone tells me about a fabric I just used and how it reminds them of when they were a kid, or of their parents or grandparents. My pinnys are not just gorgeous to look at but magical to invoke on memories long forgotten, of a happy time, of laughter and joy. This is what my creative journey is all about, it’s not for money or likes or insights, though the money does help to purchase more fabrics, it’s about memories, love, happiness, joy, it’s about sharing those feelings with your little one through fabrics and pictures. Everyone of my creations holds a story, a memory, a song and most of all love!

Flash back Saturday.

Good morning! Flash back Saturday for you. I started this page over three years ago, sitting in the rooms of the Royal Children Hospital Brisbane with Sam. The name comes from a time in our lives where we could only “dream a little”. At first I posted about my garden and how much I missed it, then the felt flowers started, creating these for those who helped us in such a hard time was so soothing for me, it gave me something to do, to control, while the world around me was in so much turmoil. The gift of creating stayed with me even once Sam left us, it became a life line for me, something real, something I could do to keep my mind busy while my heart was breaking. My first patchwork skirt brought a whole new style of craft to me, with my sustainable background the thought of creating clothing from unloved fabric was so exciting, I could not stop, and I’m still going! Then crochet, what can I say about this beautiful soothing craft, to simply sit and to be mindful of each stitch, to clear your self of all the troubles in the world is so wonderful, and then the colour therapy as well, amazing! Thank you for joining me on my journey, enjoy your day and always be creative xxx

Happiness and your small business.

My fifteen minutes today will be about my little business and those of you who also have a little home craft business. All I wanted to say today is that as your business grows and you find yourself getting custom orders and people loving your creations that they want you to make them something the same but different, just remember to take a step back and think, is this something I really want to do, will this take me away from those creations in my mind that I really want to get out, will making this order give me joy? There is nothing worse than not enjoying your work time, you have worked hard to build your business up, you love your creations, but you don’t want them to be come a burden. I myself have made lovely items, once, to see what is was like to create them and then had people want to order them, but I could not say yes because I did not have it in my heart to make that creation again, sure I have missed out on making some money, but if it is not going to make me happy, or if it feels like a chore to do, then I will always say no. Money is not happiness, we all need to be happy, to have that passion to create, to have the joy of finishing an item and feeling proud.

A little custom order today I was very happy to say yes to!

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Behind the scenes secrets!

Well you must know I love upcycling and using items that are no longer loved, vintage materials, doilies and tablecloths. Well my other great love is creating my patchwork pieces. Keeping all those off cuts to be transformed into fantastic little dresses. My newest patchworks have been strips, they are so much fun and I am using all those strips I cut off when cutting out a dress. You know what the say “waste not, want not”!!!!!





Happy new year to you all.

I sincerely hope your Christmas and new year went well and that you are all enjoying some family time together. I had a lovely break in Victoria, and learnt how to crochet! I love it, so another crafty thing to add to my list, I am no expert but it is so much fun learning. I have created a few items I am very happy with, here is a little look. Looking forward to creating some great items this year and sharing them with you. Have fun these holidays!