Follow your dreams!

Remember yesterday when I was talking about dreams changing. It is funny how they do. When Sam was here I started creating felt flowers, it helped me get through the long hospital stays and then after it helped get me through my grief. But when needing something to wear to a market I was in, I decided to make a skirt for myself. I don’t wear skirts, so this alone was something different. I had sewn in the past, and always wanted to sew, but nothing real! So one night I created this skirt out of fabric found at a garage sale.I was then hooked!

I had no interest in the felt flowers and I began hunting op shops and garage sales for fabrics. I started with many different styles and patterns before creating my first pinny. And funny thing is, I was not too happy with the pattern! So I altered it a little and well you know the rest! I have lost count of the number of unique upcycled pinnys out there now bopping around on your little ones!

Follow your dreams but let them evolve as you yourself grow xx


Dreams amongst the nightmares!

To dream, to wish, to make goals…is to know you are alive, to know there is hope, changing your life for YOU.Our lives are full of dreams, they change from year to year…and sadly there are also nightmares, that come crashing in to our lives, ripping it apart and leaving you so raw and lost…but if you hold on to those dreams, even if they take on a new direction, you can get through those nightmares. Hold on to your dreams and they will lead you through the dark.

dream a little is my light, my peace, my hope, after the nightmare.

Do not give up on your dreams!

Today is Tuesday.

Good morning!I have my little Tommy home again 😦 its just a cough, but he is better off home, nice and warm, than trying to stay warm at school and fight his cough, let alone spreading gems!
So excited about my Rainbow Brite pinny, one only!! I will show you soon, once the sun comes out xx

Remember my posts about amazing fabrics, here it is just in case you missed it –

Also thinking, when I do find amazing fabrics, it would be best to pop them in the Pretty Pinny Plaza for all to see, especially when I have some many wishes and only a small amount of fabric x
Tonight is the Lore and Legends market over at Free Aussie Handmade Markets you don’t want to miss that one.
Don’t forget my Instagram giveaway, not many people have entered so your chances of winning are high 😉
Pretty Pinny Plaza is looking amazing, and I still have so many more to add, remember to pop the 1st of July at 2pm on your calendar. 
I will be starting to get those last June wishes out soon!!! Thank you for your patience.
And lastly a little quote for your day, in this mixed up crazy world –
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you all for being here xx

Jackie xx ❤

Think before we buy!

This is for our farm friends!Thinking of all our Aussie farmers who do it tough. And to us the consumers, we need to remember to think local! I am no saint, this is a reminder to me as well, as a struggling family, and when having young children, I have forgotten to check where my food has travelled from, gone by price not heart. I do try to shop locally as much as possible, but not always and this has to change. Supermarkets have changed the way we see food, we now believe we can purchase anything we want, anytime of the year, without even thinking! I should know better having grown up on a dairy farm, seeing my family get beaten down year after year. My family never owned their own farm, always someone else’s, they were hard workers, but never got anywhere. My mum and dad both had to work second jobs to make ends meet. We had to move, many times, I moved 21 times by the time I was 20. Even moving interstate, away from our family and friends, to chase better milk prices! This is going back 35 years now. So imagine how hard it is now!

Eat local, buy local, think local!


I dreamed a little.  

I dreamed a little when I was finishing high school, I wanted to become an art teacher…I was never any good at “art” I could not draw, I did not have any artist talents…also it takes a bit of money to put yourself through Uni, so I got a job…I worked, I travelled a little, I got married and I had kids…but it took sadness, illness and loss to find myself back to my dream and to realise you do not have to be able draw, or paint or even design, to create beautiful works of art. I am loving my new direction in life, yes the journey was bumpy, and no amount of pinnys are going to fill my broken heart of losing Sam, but I am trying! They do get me up each day, they make my heart sing…I am the happiest sad person around xx


Angel birthday x

Today is my angel boys 12th birthday, a teenager!If there is one thing I have learnt from my cheeky boy is determination!

Maybe not a good thing to possess so much of when you are a young child, like he was so determined not to go to bed each night, to not eat his vegies or even meals that looked strange, or then more serious things like being so determined not to take his medication when he go sick, oh the hours we spent trying to convince him!

But Sam had a determination in him to live his life just the way he wanted to live it, no matter what, he had adventure and dreams in him that gave me heart attacks every couple of days.
Sam’s love of adventure was never quenched with our simple mountain life. I always picked the boys up from school, never late, always out front of the class room, well for some reason I was late one afternoon. I was only five minutes late, kids were still rushing out of the class rooms, I had caught up with James, my eldest and we were still waiting for Sam, he would sometimes get distracted and take his time. But we waited and waited and still no Sam. So after going in to his class room, and no Sam I started to get worried, a few other mum’s were still there so we had a look around the school, my heart racing every minute, until a little girl in Sam’s class said he went home on the bus. The bus!!! We had never used the bus, everyday though on the way passed the bus’s Sam would say to me “wish we could take the bus home Mum” and I never thought anything of it, I just always picked them up. So off to the office we went and sure enough there was a bus pass with Sam’s name on it. This goes to show how determined my Sam can be, he must have been watching for months, finding out how the bus system worked, he managed to obtain a bus pass on his own, worked out how the kids got their pass at the end of each day, and then on this day, noticed I was not there so he put his plan into action to get home on his own….he was only six!!! He lined up with all the bus kids, boarded a bus, the wrong bus, but he happily sat there even when it went the wrong way, he was not fazed he was just so happy to be able to go on the bus on his own!
My boy was extraordinary, even though he kept me on my toes and I worried all the time, I would have all that stress back in a second just to have him here…I miss him so very much xX


Shaving for a cure!

Sharing my brave boy ❤
Hi my name is Tommy.

When I was 5 my big brother Samuel was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, bone cancer. He was almost 8 years old. He and my Mum spent the next year in and out of hospital. I missed playing with him and I missed him and my Mum. He was so sick all the time, he lost his hair and could not play as much as before, because of the chemo and then surgeries. But unfortunately the treatment did not work and he passed away, just before his ninth birthday. I miss him so much.

Now I am the same age as Samuel when he died. And I want to do something to help. Please help me raise much needed funds to help other families and children like Samuel.


Pinny are for always wear!

I love this photo! Pinnys are for fun, adventure, play, make believe, dreaming and yes for looking pretty, but they are for always wear, anytime or place. Not for waiting for that special occasion. The cut of the dress is perfect for outside adventure play but still lovely enough for those many birthday parties. Wear them always, and if they get dirty, oh well you are only young once! Live life, have fun, enjoy!!!!

Rheumatoid update!

Rheumatoid update!Good news, my latest MRI has shown that the inflammation has decreased in my shoulder, no new lesions, so looking like it has settled down now due to the increase of my medications. Let’s hope it stays that way! It actual does feel so much better than two years early when we first started investigating why I was having so much pain in that one area. The damage is still there, but the pain is manageable 🙂 My bloods are all good, I feel good and at the moment everything is working as it should. I just need to keep eating healthy and keep active by walking, but I do need to increase my weight bearing exercise…one thing that I am very slack with, Any weight bearing exercise will be better than the zero I do at the moment….I will get there! Need to remember flu shots coming up and to get another bone scan in the middle of the year. So I am very happy 🙂

The day our lives changed.

Four years today, we found that horrible tumour in Samuel leg. D-day as other oncology parents refer to it. Sam’s osteosarcoma was not diagnosed for another week or so, they had to run all those horrible tests first. But this was the day that our lives changed forever. An xray at the Gold coast hospital showed up, not the broken leg, which would have healed but a huge dark shadow to cover our world. We were lucky that night, to be able to go home, shocked and dazed, but together, to slowly pack for our trip to the RCH Brisbane the next day. Most stories I here from other families are more the emergency helicopter trip to the hospital or the waking in the middle of the night to be taken to the hospital, ripped from their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs. We were able to plan a little, for the trip that would change our lives, we had time to pack for the unknown and most important we were able to bring puppy 💕