WARNING….boring health issues post!
The thing with grief is that talking about it helps, it clears the head, gets it out there to work out and deal with easier…I am good at that, I deal with my grief in the best way possible, creativity and writing/talking.

Unfortunately talking about my Rheumatoid and osteopenia does not help, talking about it is not going to fix a chronic disease. Each persons individual journey is different, what may work for one person may not for another…I feel I have tried them all. My rheumatoid is fine, at the moment under control, I thank modern medicine for this and take my many forms of medication routinely. But it’s the osteopenia that gets me, I am meant to do weight bearing exercise to strengthen my muscles to help my bones….and oh I am so lazy! But even when I do I seem to pay for it. It’s a catch 22, because of my rheumatoid eaten shoulder, the day after always hurts…so I will rest it and feel all boo hoo today, tomorrow I will go gently and remember to take it easy on that side….thank you for listening, I feel better now, maybe talking about it does help 😉


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