Follow your dreams!

Remember yesterday when I was talking about dreams changing. It is funny how they do. When Sam was here I started creating felt flowers, it helped me get through the long hospital stays and then after it helped get me through my grief. But when needing something to wear to a market I was in, I decided to make a skirt for myself. I don’t wear skirts, so this alone was something different. I had sewn in the past, and always wanted to sew, but nothing real! So one night I created this skirt out of fabric found at a garage sale.I was then hooked!

I had no interest in the felt flowers and I began hunting op shops and garage sales for fabrics. I started with many different styles and patterns before creating my first pinny. And funny thing is, I was not too happy with the pattern! So I altered it a little and well you know the rest! I have lost count of the number of unique upcycled pinnys out there now bopping around on your little ones!

Follow your dreams but let them evolve as you yourself grow xx


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