Think before we buy!

This is for our farm friends!Thinking of all our Aussie farmers who do it tough. And to us the consumers, we need to remember to think local! I am no saint, this is a reminder to me as well, as a struggling family, and when having young children, I have forgotten to check where my food has travelled from, gone by price not heart. I do try to shop locally as much as possible, but not always and this has to change. Supermarkets have changed the way we see food, we now believe we can purchase anything we want, anytime of the year, without even thinking! I should know better having grown up on a dairy farm, seeing my family get beaten down year after year. My family never owned their own farm, always someone else’s, they were hard workers, but never got anywhere. My mum and dad both had to work second jobs to make ends meet. We had to move, many times, I moved 21 times by the time I was 20. Even moving interstate, away from our family and friends, to chase better milk prices! This is going back 35 years now. So imagine how hard it is now!

Eat local, buy local, think local!



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