Angel birthday x

Today is my angel boys 12th birthday, a teenager!If there is one thing I have learnt from my cheeky boy is determination!

Maybe not a good thing to possess so much of when you are a young child, like he was so determined not to go to bed each night, to not eat his vegies or even meals that looked strange, or then more serious things like being so determined not to take his medication when he go sick, oh the hours we spent trying to convince him!

But Sam had a determination in him to live his life just the way he wanted to live it, no matter what, he had adventure and dreams in him that gave me heart attacks every couple of days.
Sam’s love of adventure was never quenched with our simple mountain life. I always picked the boys up from school, never late, always out front of the class room, well for some reason I was late one afternoon. I was only five minutes late, kids were still rushing out of the class rooms, I had caught up with James, my eldest and we were still waiting for Sam, he would sometimes get distracted and take his time. But we waited and waited and still no Sam. So after going in to his class room, and no Sam I started to get worried, a few other mum’s were still there so we had a look around the school, my heart racing every minute, until a little girl in Sam’s class said he went home on the bus. The bus!!! We had never used the bus, everyday though on the way passed the bus’s Sam would say to me “wish we could take the bus home Mum” and I never thought anything of it, I just always picked them up. So off to the office we went and sure enough there was a bus pass with Sam’s name on it. This goes to show how determined my Sam can be, he must have been watching for months, finding out how the bus system worked, he managed to obtain a bus pass on his own, worked out how the kids got their pass at the end of each day, and then on this day, noticed I was not there so he put his plan into action to get home on his own….he was only six!!! He lined up with all the bus kids, boarded a bus, the wrong bus, but he happily sat there even when it went the wrong way, he was not fazed he was just so happy to be able to go on the bus on his own!
My boy was extraordinary, even though he kept me on my toes and I worried all the time, I would have all that stress back in a second just to have him here…I miss him so very much xX



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