Rheumatoid update!

Rheumatoid update!Good news, my latest MRI has shown that the inflammation has decreased in my shoulder, no new lesions, so looking like it has settled down now due to the increase of my medications. Let’s hope it stays that way! It actual does feel so much better than two years early when we first started investigating why I was having so much pain in that one area. The damage is still there, but the pain is manageable 🙂 My bloods are all good, I feel good and at the moment everything is working as it should. I just need to keep eating healthy and keep active by walking, but I do need to increase my weight bearing exercise…one thing that I am very slack with, Any weight bearing exercise will be better than the zero I do at the moment….I will get there! Need to remember flu shots coming up and to get another bone scan in the middle of the year. So I am very happy 🙂


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