My journey to sustainable fashion.


so many beautiful handmade dresses out there and so many wonderful pages, sometimes I feel like a tiny drop in a large ocean. Then I think about why I am doing this. Why do I wake each day itching to start sewing? There are so many reasons! My cure for my grief, my joy of creating something that others love, my self worth of helping my family financially, the smiles on my little customers faces, my creative outlet…but most of all my achievement of helping the environment. Each item is created from unloved fabrics and trims, doilies and tablecloths, sheeting and linens. Items either destined for land fill or hidden, lost in dark cupboards. The joy I get from creating beautiful items from unloved fabric is so fulfilling my heart sings. This little cutie is from two pillowcases, darling doily sleeves and lined with vintage sheeting fabric. Thank you for being here on my journey to sustainable fashion.


2 thoughts on “My journey to sustainable fashion.

  1. A wonderful use of pre-loved items! I love your ethos too. I think that if we all make small changes, and ‘convert’ one or two people to wearing repurposed items, then we’re making a difference and sending a message collectively to big manufacturers.

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