Holiday time!

Well that’s it lovelies! It’s holiday time for me! A huge thank you to you all that have purchased off me this year, followed my journey and supported me. You are the reason I get up each day, oh yes and my family, but seriously I truly do not know how I would have coped these last few years without my creative output. Losing a child is hard, losing a child to cancer is the hardest….there are no words to express my feelings of grief, they change each day, each minute. But I do know how to cope with my grief, I know what is best for me, what puts the smile back on my face, even when there is darkness in my heart….sewing, creating, crocheting, fabric hunting, seeing your little ones in my creations! Thank all for the inspiration and the encouragement, I learn new things each day and look forward to new adventures with my sewing. I never really sewed before dream a little, so I am so proud of how far I have come. I hope you can stick around for the next chapter! I don’t have big plans or exciting new lines to announce, at the moment I hope to continue with more pinnys, but I am always thinking….its just getting those thoughts out! You are all very special to me, please be safe in this busy time, take care and enjoy every moment. I will be back from my holiday on the 22nd. Sewing will continue in between family and the holiday time, it is my healthy addiction! Sending love to you all, and leaving you now with a little sneak of some friends that may pop up when I return 💕


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