Fabric fairies.

It’s amazing how the fabric fairies work! Two weeks ago I went to a garage sale up here on my mountain. I don’t normally go to garage sales, I would put that down to laziness but this one advertised linens and a 9am start, now that is better time than those early bird ones! I got there right on nine, but I guess I was the only one with manners! There was at least 100 people already there! I was quite shocked and a little saddened for the people running it, but it was all very organised with colour coded stickers. Thinking I had missed out I was delighted at finding this amazing tea towel, perfect for the upcoming Sustainable Christmas market I was in. I also found loads of plain sheets to use for lining, which I was running out of, and over locker thread which I would have had to order soon too. So I felt very lucky and thankful to those who no longer needed these items. So happy to give new life to hidden or forgotten treasures!


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