The magic of fabric.

Look at this little sweetie in her Holly Hobbie pinny and her just too adorable hat! This makes my heart sing! Thank you so much for sharing x Thank you all for sharing your little ones in their dream a little pinnys. This is why I create, to make little people happy, if they are happy I’m happy. But it’s just not the kids it’s the mum’s, I get all warm and fuzzy feelings when someone tells me about a fabric I just used and how it reminds them of when they were a kid, or of their parents or grandparents. My pinnys are not just gorgeous to look at but magical to invoke on memories long forgotten, of a happy time, of laughter and joy. This is what my creative journey is all about, it’s not for money or likes or insights, though the money does help to purchase more fabrics, it’s about memories, love, happiness, joy, it’s about sharing those feelings with your little one through fabrics and pictures. Everyone of my creations holds a story, a memory, a song and most of all love!


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