How do you start your day?

When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis then Osteopenia the first thing I did was change my diet. Yes I know “locking the gate after the horse has bolted” but I needed to do something. Not that my diet was super bad, but it needed to be improved. My body now had added stress and also with the medications I now need to take, I really needed to look after myself. First was my breakfast, I believe in gradual change, I think you are more likely to succeed changing one thing at a time, less likely to give up! Lucky for me I enjoy breakfast, and have always started the day with a full tummy, sadly not everyone can do this, and it is so important! My breakfast used to consist of nothing cereal and toast, not much goodness happening there! Now I make my own muesli and team that with a poached egg and fruit. It’s a start, so much better than what I used to have. So today I’m making muesli! How do you start your day? Oh and to all you green smoothie lovers, well done, you guys totally amaze me!


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