Fabric obsession!

For over two years now I have been sewing, I was hooked after making my first patchworked skirt from a bag of scraps I found at a garage sale. I had sewn before in my late teenage years, but the passion was not quite there yet! But what I love most about my sewing journey is that I have not purchased fabric from a retail shop! Garage sale finds, hunting op shops, forgotten boxes passed on to me, purchasing from professional op shoppers online, from de-stash sales and of courses those generous gifted items. My fabric stash may not be neat, I do have more, but it is way too messy to show, where my tea towels and smaller sizes live, but I love it. I love that it has all been rescued and ready to be loved again. Mixed and matched into the perfect colour, pattern combinations to make that one perfect little pinny. Sometimes it takes me so long to put together a dress, sometimes it happens just like that! But I never seem to have enough! I think most handmade creators get this feeling, we have so much but oh look at all those pretties out there, it’s a healthy addiction! It’s therapy! This is my life! And yes I sleep right next to it all, I get to dream a little about it each night!


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