Mixed emotions of Christmas.

This time of year always seems to go in fast forward. With the silly season approaching, I am filled with mixed feelings! I was a child once and now I have children of my own and the memories of the excitement over spending time with family and Christmas Day is still in me, but sadly the sadness of Christmas is all too real and grows stronger. Firstly there is Samuel, his last Christmas with us was an emotional rollercoaster of tests, to see if the cancer had returned and then two days after Christmas we were told it had and that he only had two months to live…:( Second is the over spending, over eating, over commercialised, side of Christmas, hence the “silly season” I was never one to give gifts and never really wanted them, as ungrateful as it sounds, but I never understood the idea of giving something just for the sake of it, or just in case they gave you something, I would rather give a handful of herbs from my garden or a bag of lemons! Then sadly there is the emotional side, with so many blended families, how do we all do the right thing! It is such a stressful time of year, which leads to depression and suicide, just because of one day! It is either the stress over money or family, it can make you feel that you can never do the right thing. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas can be a wonderful time, we now just spend it at home with just us, small and simple, only because this makes us happy, and that is so important, that is want we have learnt. So sorry for the sad sack post, it is just how I feel, how are you approaching Christmas this year, simply with handmade gifts with your close family or a Christmas with all the trimmings, either way is great as long as it makes you happy, sit back and think about you this Christmas, because when you are happy those around you will be too X


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