Job satisfaction.

I often wonder how growing up on dairy farms has shaped the way I am now. When I was younger, I was a little bit of a princess, not the girly type that loves dresses and pink frilly things, I hated dresses and pink, still do – funny that I create them – but the type of princess that hates to get dirty and do some hard work! But my parents worked hard, and as any farmer knows that’s what you have to do. They often had to work other jobs as well as the farm, which would mean we would help out in the dairy shed, not very often. But we did, my brother and I, and we most likely complained the whole time! But I do remember the satisfaction when it was all finished, that job satisfaction you get is a good feeling. And that feeling has been with me throughout every single job I have done, and I have done some pretty shitty jobs! From scrubbing toilets to pouring beers, serving in banks to serving meals, so many jobs, all unskilled and easy to move from one to the next or hold three types of jobs at one time. But now the best is creating little dresses and my job satisfaction has turn to love, the love I feel when creating each dress makes me so happy! Life is unpredictable, but it is your attitude towards it that makes all the difference, do you have job satisfaction or has it turned to love!


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