Commute to work!

Donning one of my early creations today! There is just something about seersucker that I love. Enjoying my morning cuppa now then heading to work, a whole two steps from the kitchen to the dining room which is now my sewing room/computer room/pool room – it makes the best cutting table! The easiest commute to work I have ever had! My first ever job was in Melbourne, I worked for the Commonwealth Bank, straight from school at the tender age of 17! But I had to travel 1 1/2 hours each way to work, by bus then train. I was a small, skinny, shy, girl in a big city, but back then I thought I was all grown up! But the travelling was long, my best friend would complain that I was always tired. The bus went to Dandenong station, it was a scary place, especially those later Friday nights. Me in the late 80’s, starting to get my big hair on, wearing skirts and oversized men’s shirts, oh my, makes me laugh now. Well that is one moment of my life, I only worked there for a year, luckily got something closer to home. So how far do you go for work, what was the longest you have had to travel?


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