Magpie season!

Good morning! Having my cuppa then heading out for my morning walk on this gorgeous day. It’s spring here in Australia and a walk in the springtime is to risk life and eyeballs! It’s magpie swooping season! I have a route I use that I know there are no magpies but it can get boring! But I do not dare venture in case I am attacked! I take a stick just in case! I am not afraid, unlike others in my household, but I am cautious. Tommy and I were swooped the other week, going a different way, it was his first time, he is nine and I said it was about time, every Aussie kid needs to know what it’s like and to know what to do! Poor little guy, but he survived and told his Dad all about it, now he is the one who will not go walking in Springtime, the big kid! Here is our back yard trees where the nice magpies live. Have you ever been swooped by a magpie?


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