Mad times!

Mad times! When the boys we little and life was so crazy and filled with questions, washing, tight hugs, kindy, lunches, school things, hats, shoes, dirt, dishes, sticky hands, funny kisses, hair cuts, toys and fun! These three were my world, I was a full time stay at home mum, I still am and they still are. And when looking at this photo I grieve, not only for Sam, my middle boy taken to soon by cancer but for these other two little guys. I guess all parents grieve for a time gone by, of little people sitting on your lap of all that demanding attention they deserve. I have mentioned this before, but it just grabs me when I see my boys so happy playing together. James is now a teenager and I am not the only girl in his life! Each stage in their lives is wonderful and I love how amazing my kids are now, with all they have been through. But I do miss the crazy times, don’t get me wrong, loving the now time, but look at those three and their happy faces! Three boys!


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