Flash back Saturday.

Good morning! Flash back Saturday for you. I started this page over three years ago, sitting in the rooms of the Royal Children Hospital Brisbane with Sam. The name comes from a time in our lives where we could only “dream a little”. At first I posted about my garden and how much I missed it, then the felt flowers started, creating these for those who helped us in such a hard time was so soothing for me, it gave me something to do, to control, while the world around me was in so much turmoil. The gift of creating stayed with me even once Sam left us, it became a life line for me, something real, something I could do to keep my mind busy while my heart was breaking. My first patchwork skirt brought a whole new style of craft to me, with my sustainable background the thought of creating clothing from unloved fabric was so exciting, I could not stop, and I’m still going! Then crochet, what can I say about this beautiful soothing craft, to simply sit and to be mindful of each stitch, to clear your self of all the troubles in the world is so wonderful, and then the colour therapy as well, amazing! Thank you for joining me on my journey, enjoy your day and always be creative xxx


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