Bumpy road of life.

I don’t talk about my Rheumatoid Arthritis much the last few years my grief has been in my mind more and talking about that helps. And I feel no one wants to hear about boo hoo health problems! But I do want to talk about it, it is who I am, it is apart of my life and it effects a lot of the things I do. I also know there are so many others who are effected by one type of autoimmune disease or a silent illness, and I truly believe talking helps, it’s nice to know you are not alone. I am now 45, I was diagnosed at 41, so my journey has only just begun. My mum also has RA she is now in her 11th year, she was ten years old than I when diagnosed, sadly her journey is filled with pain and suffering. Together we learn from each other about this strange disease that attacks your joints, causing pain and disfigurement. I believe, so far, I have been lucky, I have a wonderful doctor and I am on the right medication to control the disease. I can walk, sew, look after my family and live a normal life. I did have to leave work, waitressing was too demanding for me, but I am so lucky to have found sewing. My shoulder is the only joint, so far, to be greatly effected by the disease, I am due my third MRI at Christmas time to see how it has progressed. Because of my shoulder I do go gently in life, I try not to aggravate it, so no crazy adventures or silly housework! The medication is working, thank you to those who have alternate ideas, I think I have heard them all! I have looked into so many and have changed my diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately with autoimmune disease your body takes on other problems, either by the disease or from the medication. I also have osteopenia, which is one step up from osteoporosis, which was either brought on by the RA or mostly because I went through early menopause three years ago, that one I blame on stress, with what I went through with Sam. Hence the daily walks, vitamin D and the other routines I now do. So if you have read this far, thank you, life can hit you hard all at once! This has all happened over the last four years, I am only 45! I still have a lot of life to still enjoy, I just have a few more quirks to add to it! Thank you x


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