One of the scariest things for not only a young boy but for anyone is to go into surgery. Childhood cancer means lots of surgeries! For us it was the biopsy to start with, then his central line to be inserted, the hardest was his full femur and knee replacement and to remove the tumour, seven long hours, then another biopsy when the tumour grew back and finally the removal of his central line. As a parent this was hard, but for Sam it was terrifying, he was only eight! He went into surgery kicking and screaming and would wake the same way, full of fight and anger. He was my strong willed determined boy! And my heart was breaking each time. On his last surgery, which was still hard for him, but he was able to calm himself enough to tell me that he hated surgeries “I feel like I am dying when I go under” these words still break me now, because by this time he was dying….xxxxxx



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