Love and support.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it stirs so many emotions and touches people in a way that can sometimes be amazing. Our small community came together when Sam was diagnosed, I was overwhelmed with the support and love we received, I am still so very grateful for this love, it made me stronger, then and now to know that so many people were there for us. Some people said how amazed they were with how I handled this horrible time in our lives, well without the help and support from our community, I would have been a mess. This is Sam in his beautiful handmade quilt, patches from all our close friends and family, they quickly whipped this up while he was in hospital for his first chemo. This quilt travelled to every hospital stay, appointment and outing we had. He was always wrapped up in love. It is so special, that now that he is gone I sleep under it every night, it is on my bed to remind me not only of my cheeky boy but of the love and support from our dearest, I thank you xx

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