Special recipes x

Yesterday afternoon I made chocolate hedgehog, my Nanna’s recipe. I am lucky to get this small slice now, it is almost all gone! Hedgehog was one of my favourite treats growing up. Nanna would always have some when we came to visit, or if not we would made some together. Crushing up the biscuits with a rolling pin on newspaper is one of those memories that will always stay with me. I use the food processor now, and I feel that I am cheating! I don’t make it that much, it is such treat, full of butter and sugar! But one of the reasons I don’t is that my mum now makes it every time we come down to stay. And my boys love Gran’s hedgehog! I love that, I love that the same feelings and memories are forming in my kids, the same I felt each time I visited my Nanna xx Do you have a special recipe that brings back memories?  


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