Dreaming of chooks.

My nectarine blossom! Such sweet little pink blossoms are out in bloom and the bees are loving it! I planted this tree in the middle of my chook yard. Sadly I no longer have chooks, we used to have many, they were so much fun and adventure. Years and years of chook stories. Most of them we raised from chicks, when the boys were young it was just the best thing, so then there was always the chance of getting roosters. The time we killed our first roosters, Blackie and Whitie my poor husband having to do this, the trauma! Then having them for dinner and the boys, who were only 5,3,1 asking “is this Blackie, am I eating Whitie!” Oh dear! The summer we had snake after snake come in to the chook house to make a meal for them selves, I had just released some baby pullets and one of the snakes had two lumps in its belly! Chooks pooping at the back door waiting for some dinner, getting into the neighbours gardens, dogs coming over and killing our chooks, foxes, the pecking chook who always got called “Pecker” – oh those were the days! But it’s the yummy eggs I love and that happy chook sound, of seeing them scratching up the group, pooing in their natural fertiliser, I do miss that. I dream of getting more chooks, we had to stop having chooks when Sam got cancer and both him and myself were always in the hospital, life got too complicated and the chooks had to go….but my dream could be made true again, my father in law, who has moved in two doors up, would love chooks too, well the eggs, we will have the chooks, there is a plan, now to just get it happening!


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of chooks.

  1. How beautiful! Special memories…. My girls are 10 and 7 and the time flies so fast. We have just the two chooks who have provided us with the most delicious eggs I’ve ever tasted! And boy do they have personalities! I can relate to the little poo presents left by the back door if I wasn’t quick enough with dinner!!!

  2. Sounds like it might be time to get chickens again! While you’re waiting build the dream,,, find or make a predator coop so you can enjoy all that chickens have to offer.

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