helping yourself and others x

I just spent the first part of my morning helping out at my eldest boys school, in the uniform shop. I only volunteer one hour a month, it is only a small part of my life, but I am glad I can help, even for just an hour. In another life I used to help more, as much as I could. When the boys were at kindy I was on the committee, again only a small part, but I was there and then once they went to primary school again I put my hand up when I could. It’s nice isn’t, helping the community, being apart of something, only giving up your time! Sadly once Samuel passed away I found it hard to help out as much at the school, some thing changed, me, I found it hard to be there, my little spark disappeared…So this year when my eldest started high school I thought, I can do this again, I put my hand up, and I am so happy that I did. Even though my youngest is still at the primary school, I still find it hard to go in there, Samuel’s year are now the year 6, the seniors! I see his friends everyday while waiting for Tommy, it’s a strange feeling, I feel so proud that they are growing up and doing such amazing things but then I have that sadness of – Sam should be there with them, Sam should be growing up and having a fun and exciting time too, but cancer took that from him…your path in life can be rocky, sometimes mountains pop up in the way, and for some, deep holes form, but always remember to keep going, the path may change, you will change with it, but always do what is right for you, go gently x  


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