My lemon trees!

Walking through my garden yesterday before the drizzle set in, I was looking at my lemon trees. When moving here one of the first things I planted was a lemonade lemon tree. I planted it in the wrong spot! That’s the thing about gardening, the learning, not only of what to plant and when but of the lay out of your own property and the correct area’s to plant. He is still there, still produces yummy lemons but he is a tiny tree. I also planted a meyer and then an eureka. The eureka is huge, such a hardie tree and fruit with its thick skin. Every year the stink bugs attack it and it still soldiers on! I love having a lemon tree or three in my garden, I believe everyone should have a lemon tree in the backyard its as Aussie as the old hills-hoist. I secretly wish to go on a mission one day, a mission of making sure every Aussie backyard has a lemon tree! It’s one of the easier trees to grow, a great way to start your gardening adventure off, and so many uses, from cooking to cleaning, good for your immune system, my rheumatoid…the list goes on! Look it up! So do you have a lemon tree?



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