Morning cuppa.


My morning cup of tea. For 42 years of my life I did not drink tea or coffee, even the odd milo was rare. But something changed while in hospital all those months with Sam. I changed, tea drinking was one of those changes. Funny because I grew up in a family that revolves around, putting the kettle on! We were constantly visiting or people dropping in for a cuppa. The big thing was getting my nana and pop a cup of tea, getting it right! Little story about that for decades my Pop had black tea with my Nana, but when she passed away he started to have milk in his tea, he was such a gentleman that he just must have gone with it for so many years, secretly wanting milk, but still the ritual of getting it right was so important. But I never indulged, not sure why, this wonderful social habit never grew on me, don’t worry I was still there around the table, there was scones! I remember when working at Sea world and one of the girls I worked with could not believe I did not have a cuppa, what did I drink when getting together with friends? But even now I find I enjoy my cuppa more when alone, my first cup of the day, I only have two, is when I drop the boys off at school. The house is quiet, there is that moment of peace before jobs and more importantly sewing. The birds are singing the sun is shinning and there is just me and my tea. Today as I sit and drink I am thankful for lost treasures, two parcels have arrived, one from a lovely IG follower and one from one of my Mums friends, thank you for thinking of me and my love of doilies x Now how is your cuppa this morning, what is your favourite?

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