I remember while Sam was in hospital, going through treatment for cancer, all those months of sadness and pain and how everyone would say how brave I was, how strong. But really what else can you be, as a mother with a child with osteosarcoma, being brave is all you have. But really what got me through was acceptance, once I understood what Sam had, there are so many childhood cancers, bone cancer was one I had never heard of, I accepted our situation and trusted the doctors. Sam was going to get through this and that was how you thought. Once I had accepted this I was able to concentrate on helping Sam and his chemo journey. Then finding out treatment had not worked and the cancer in his body was just too aggressive and his body just not strong enough to fight such a large tumour and that we would only have two months with our precious middle child, again once we had gone over all the possibilities, I accepted that letting Sam go was the only way to go. Once we had accepted that, we were able to put all our focus into our boy, to fill a life time of love into two months. It was hard, and it is harder to describe, but once those if, buts, maybes are out of the situation you are left with “what it is”, Kris, my husband has just started to say this a lot lately, “it is, what it is” and this simple saying says it all. I believe you need to stop and look around and really see what is happening and really think about what you can do about it, and sometimes you just can’t do anything, so then it is up to you to set your mind right and focus on what is important……well that is my 15 minutes, sending love to you and strength xx



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