Do you believe in magic?

Today was filled with making magically pinnys for some little customers, fairies and a rainbow! Or was it more for the mums Do you believe in magic? I hope so I was speaking with a dear friend the other day about magic, she was telling me how magic happens everyday, not the rainbow and fairy magic, well it could, we all should hold on to our imagination for as long as we can, which we do lose a little as we get older, but the everyday magic The magic of finding most of your grocery items on special, of finding the perfect match for a piece of fabric, of getting the best car park when the shops are busy, of the kids putting their shoes in the right spot, of having that one ingredient in the back of the cupboard, of matching two buttons! That’s magic, and if you look at those simple things in life as wonderful happenings, things can’t be too bad, life can be a little rosier, it can be magic! xx ☆彡11055664_331698393692902_2089757293_n


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