Finding lost treasures.

I am always on the look out for those beautiful lost treasures. I have been lucky in my pursue and have found some clever hunters in all things vintage and now have myself a lovely stash of vintage sheeting and fabrics. But the elusive beautiful embroidered doily is the most prized possession!


Down dark and dusty hallways you may still find the odd one stashed at the back of old linen cupboards, sadly unloved and worse for wear. Or you may find one or two at your local op shop, with rust spots or stains.


But oh I dream oh those divine pristine linens, with the stitching so fine, and I know they are out there because I have been lucky to have found some, or blessed in having been given some. And oh what a happy day that is!


All I say is give a thought when you come across something so precious as an embroidered doily, of the hours and love put in to them, of a time gone by. Our lives now are so busy, no time for anything that takes time, meals in a minute, information at my fingertips, distance is nothing and all we want to do is get there, fast! I was born in the wrong era, but I am here now so what I can do for my self is slow down, take the time, enjoy the simple crafts, learn more skills, take advantage of this information at my fingertips and forever be on the hunt!

xx Jackie xx

P.S. Can’t wait to show you what I made today with some of those lovely embroidered doilies!


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