I thank you, the earth thanks you x

I would like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful customers for purchasing my gorgeous creations. You inspire me to keep going, my passion to create grows with each kind word and purchase. You give me ideas with each suggestion which grow into more beautiful dresses. But also with each dress, you, your little one and myself are helping our Mother Earth. By creating my items out of upcycled materials, reusing those lost treasures we are helping to build a sustainable way of life. We are reducing, reusing and recycling, the three R’s we should all live by. I cringe each time I have to walk into those huge shopping centres full of stuff, and yes I do have to visit occasionally, it’s hard to reuse thread! But if we can teach our kids now the importance of the three R’s, to see the beauty of those lost treasures, they too can grow up appreciating the quirkiness of a teatowel dress or a doily for decoration, that would be wonderful!





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