Happiness and your small business.

My fifteen minutes today will be about my little business and those of you who also have a little home craft business. All I wanted to say today is that as your business grows and you find yourself getting custom orders and people loving your creations that they want you to make them something the same but different, just remember to take a step back and think, is this something I really want to do, will this take me away from those creations in my mind that I really want to get out, will making this order give me joy? There is nothing worse than not enjoying your work time, you have worked hard to build your business up, you love your creations, but you don’t want them to be come a burden. I myself have made lovely items, once, to see what is was like to create them and then had people want to order them, but I could not say yes because I did not have it in my heart to make that creation again, sure I have missed out on making some money, but if it is not going to make me happy, or if it feels like a chore to do, then I will always say no. Money is not happiness, we all need to be happy, to have that passion to create, to have the joy of finishing an item and feeling proud.

A little custom order today I was very happy to say yes to!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness and your small business.

  1. Jackie you’ve given me the courage to say NO I’m a victim of my generous nature and say Yes to just about everything!!!!!

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