September is Childhood cancer awareness month!

Go gold this September for Childhood cancer. Raise awareness! Not just for your self but for your children, make sure they are aware. I am not talking about your three year old I am talking about your 13 year old. Going into their adolescent, teenagers especially must be made aware. It is a difficult time in everyone’s life, so many changes, what is happening to my body, is this right, is this meant to happen, maybe it will just go away! I know myself how shy I was at that age, we have to make sure our teenagers know that they can come to us about anything, or have the confidence to talk to someone if a change in their bodies just does not feel right. Speak them gently about Childhood cancers, let them know it is ok to speak up if something is worrying them.

Having lost our middle child to osteosarcoma I know how important this is, he was only seven, so too young to understand how that pain in his leg was a tumour growing so quickly that it ended up taking his life, after a year long battle. But another boy (14) who had osteosarcoma was too worried to tell his mum who was working long hours to support her family, he did not want to add to her worries and most likely thought, it will go away, he is now an angel like my Samuel.





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