Thursdays are my methotrexate hangover days, days were I am very very kind to myself and let things slide, well a little more than usual. Why do I take methotrexate, well I have Rheumatoid arthritis, and methotrexate taken in low doses helps fight my battle within. RA is one of those invisible diseases, when well managed with pharmaceutical drugs and soothed with natural remedies, you would never know someone has it. It’s an autoimmune disease which attacks your joints causing inflammation, which can be painful. Most RA sufferers have what is called a flare up, where the disease decides to attack a certain part of the body, this area can change each flare up. At the moment I am very lucky and don’t suffer to much, except my shoulder, that is another story, so along with methotrexate I take another drug called a biologic, tell you about that another day too!
So Thursdays are hard, methotrexate makes me feel ill, tired, I take it Wednesday night, but wake up feeling yuk, so what did I do to cheer myself up, well create! Be kind to yourself always xx





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