Felt butterfly brooch tutorial.

Hi and welcome to my very first tutorial. A lovely easy little felt butterfly brooch.

What you will need, I sell DIY kits on my Facebook page or you can use your own supplies.
– sharp craft scissors
– needle
– hot glue gun (optional)
– felt, I use wool felt, two colours
– beads, all shapes, bling, decoration.
– embroidery thread
– stamens, to use as antenna
– brooch fastener
– butterfly template, shape

First cut out butterfly shape, one large one smaller and enough felt for the back, but do not cut yet.

Next fold the stamen in half and sew with contrasting colour in between large and small shapes.

Next sew in your decoration, be creative, make your butterfly beautiful!


Add your body.

Then fastened off thread. Sew the brooch clasp to the backing.

Next hot glue or sew the backing on to the butterfly. When sewing, sew neatly around the large shape.

Carefully cut around the backing, watch out for the antenna!

Well done, you have finished. You could also add a hair clip to the back to have beautiful butterflies in your hair!


Thank you so much and enjoy!


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