My inspiration.

I was looking for an inspirational photo to post on my page today, without much luck, then I thought, why am I looking, I know who is my inspiration and who is my hero, my angel….my middle child Samuel. He is the reason this page was started, the reason I create, my passion, my drive. Crafting drives the grief away, making beautiful creations makes me happy. He is my beautiful angel who went through so much, this photo shows one of his hardest days, days after surgery to remove the tumour growing in his femur, so removal and replacement of his femur and knee, two toxic chemo’s going through is system to attempt to kill the cancer, though his central line and a cannula in his hand, the medication to make things run smoothly because of the fear that grew each hospital visit….but look at that sweet face, the love he showed after each horrible thing is what I miss the most, I love you my sweet boy, love you and miss you…DSC01855You are my inspiration


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